Raffle Rules


“Organizer of the Raffle” Beis Knesses d’Chasidei Slonim Emanuel (NPO),
(972) 58 013-4344, 17 Harav Salant Street, Jerusalem. 

The sale of tickets and raffle will be advertised and tickets will be sold in cooperation with the organization of American Friends of Emanuel, which is based in New York, USA. Attached are details of the organization and its administration. Tickets sold through the above organization will participate in the raffle.

All the conditions that apply to the participants in the raffle will apply to buyers through the organization in Israel or abroad.

The “Raffle” or the “Sale” – a raffle for a Sefer Torah known as “The Grand Sefer Torah Experience,” per the provisions in these terms and conditions.

The raffle is in conjunction with the offices of Abigail Shikovetsky, CPA.

"Sale Period" - the sale will take place from 26/05/2024 until 15/10/2024. The organization will have the right to extend the sale for any period of time provided that it gives notice in a noticeable place on the website.

Eligibility to Participate – all regular donors to the organization, that is, anyone who, as of the date of the raffle, donates to the organization a one-time donation or through recurring direct-debit donations until the date of the raffle, and its cumulative value is not less than 100 USD or 320 ILS and the monthly payment is not less than 8.30 USD or 26.5 ILS. Anyone who donates during the campaign period must give a total one-time payment of no less than 100 USD or 320 ILS. All purchasers must be 18 years of age or older.

"Raffle Form" - a signed form with the rules for the donation that will be filed with the raffle organizer, detailing the donor's associated details, including a bank account or a valid credit card number, a one-time donation in the form of cash, credit card, or PayPal, or anyone already listed in the origination’s donor database. Only a form that provides all the required details to the organization will be considered a valid ticket entitling the participant whose details are indicated in the form to partake in the raffle.

The “Prize” – a complete Sefer Torah valued at about 50,000 USD. This amount is approximate, and there will be no grounds to bring a claim otherwise. 


2.1 In the event of any conflict and/or inconsistency between the provisions of these terms and conditions and any other publications regarding the promotion, including in the written and/or broadcast press, the provisions of these terms and tonditions shall prevail for all intents and purposes.

2.2 In these regulations, we use masculine pronouns for convenience only and include the feminine and/or plural.

3. Participation in the Sale

3.1 The applicant must participate by telephone or through a donation on a designated website with the organization per the above details, to arrange an annual donation to the organization in the amount of NIS 320, through a recurring direct debit or a one-time payment.

3.2 A condition for winning the raffle is that the participant meets the aforementioned conditions for eligibility to participate in the raffle, filled in his details, and complied with the provisions of these conditions. The raffle organizer reserves the right to prevent any person and/or entity from participating in the raffle for any reason and at its sole discretion, including failure to fill in the correct and/or full details of the details required and/or non-agreement of the terms and/or non-receipt of all data, for any reason, including due to technology-related issues of the raffle organizer and/or anyone on its behalf.

3.3 The donations will be deposited in the account of the raffle organizer at Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, Karnei Shomron, branch 497, account 400958. or in the account of the organization abroad, of which the details will be attached.

4. Methods for the Raffle

4.1 The raffle will be held on 28/10/20224 - כ"ד תשרי תשפ"ה in the afternoon, at the organization’s offices at 14-16 Jerusalem Street, Bnei Brak, under the supervision of the organization's accountant, Abigail Shikovetsky. The raffle results will be published in the raffle organizer’s offices. 

Date of publication of the raffle results

The organization will be able to postpone the date of the raffle as long as the postponement is published on the website of the raffle at least 24 hours before the date of the raffle.
4.2 The raffle will be picked using reputable computer software or manually ensuring a raffle of a random winner from a pre-defined list of participants. The winner will be drawn as follows:

All raffle participants who filled in their details in a donation form via direct debit to the organization in the proper manner as aforesaid will be entered into a computerized database of participants. The details of the participants appearing in the database will be exported to an Excel file in the format of a table, with each row in the table containing the participant's information, and will be numbered using a serial number, in chronological order, depending on the date the participants registered for the raffle. Each participant will have a serial number per the aforesaid, and this number will be represented in the actual raffle.

4.4 After the raffle, a check will be made that the winner is a participant who has filled out a direct-debit form for a proper donation. If the raffle form is found to be incorrect, a new name will be drawn in the same way.

4.5 After the aforementioned raffle is held and the winner is selected, in addition, and in the same method, another candidate will be chosen to replace the winner if the winner is not located and/or if his winnings are canceled per the provisions of these rules and will serve as alternative candidates: “Substitutes.” A substitute who is the same person selected as the initial lottery winner will not be selected. If the winner is located and his winnings are not canceled, the substitute will not be entitled to any prize.

4.6 Without derogating from the provisions of the above sections, the controller may decide at his sole discretion regarding the right to a prize, in any case where there is a suspicion that there is a defect and/or missing information and/or lack of clarity in the raffle form.

5 5. Locating the Winner and Awarding the Prize

5.1 After the raffle has been conducted and the winner has been selected in the manner stated above, the raffle organizer will act to locate the winner per the details indicated on the donation form filled out by him, to give notice of his winning the raffle.

5.2 The search for the winning candidate will be done with due and reasonable diligence and will last no more than fourteen (14) business days from the date of the raffle.

5.3. A winner who is not located within the time period specified above and or where the director has decided to cancel his winnings, will not be entitled to receive the prize and his winnings will be canceled. In such a case, a substitute candidate will be declared the winner, per the order of his raffle ticket and the raffle organizer will work to locate him as stated above, if the winner or the substitute is not located, a new raffle will be held.

5.4 After locating the winning candidate, a detailed notice will be sent to him regarding how to proceed per the discretion of the raffle director.

5.5 Payment of any tax that applies, as far as it applies to the prize will be deducted by the organization and transferred to the tax authorities.

6 Controller of the Raffle

6.1 The controller of the raffle is the accountant Abigail Shikovetsky (hereinafter: "the controller"). At the controller’s offices: 11 Kiryat Mada Street, Jerusalem

6.2 The controller shall be responsible for handling the participants' inquiries, deciding in any case of misunderstanding, doubt, or difficulty, including the interpretation of the bylaws, as well as resolving any dispute between the raffle director and a winner, candidate for winning, or claiming to win.

6.3 The controller’s decision regarding the raffle is final and binding for all intents and purposes.

7 General

7.1 By participating in the campaign, the participant and/or one who wishes to be a participant agrees and declares that he has read the regulations and that he accepts all rules, and even if he has not read the regulations, the participant and/or one who wishes to be a participant agrees that these regulations will apply to him and are binding on him for all intents and purposes.

7.2 Without derogating from the provisions of these bylaws and the provisions of any law, the controller shall be entitled to cancel the winning of a participant who won while committing an offense or by committing an illegal act at the controller’s discretion and demand that the prize is returned to the raffle organizer if already given, without derogating from other solutions provided to the controller by law. 

7.4 The raffle organizer reserves the right to cancel parts of the sale or the entire sale, at its sole discretion, all subject to the controller’s approval (hereinafter: "cancellation notice"), including if they do not sell at least 2,500 tickets.

7.5 The price of a single ticket for the raffle will be 100 USD. The raffle organizer may sell discounted ticket packages or give bonus cards, such as buy one get one free, at its discretion, provided that all details are known and accessible to all. As part of the continuation of the raffle and as above in section 7.4.

7.6 The raffle organizer may change the structure, content, procedures, dates, period of the sale, and type of prize, at its sole discretion (hereinafter: "change of terms of the sale"). Any changes to the bylaws will apply to the participant, and participants are invited to review the bylaws from time to time.

7.7 Participants, including the winner, will not have any claim or right of any kind in connection with changing the terms of the sale and/or actions taken by the raffle organizer due to a malfunction and/or error and/or in connection with any direct and/or indirect damage caused to them.

7.8 The participant and or the person wishing to participate agrees and undertakes that any malfunction, delay, etc., arising from, among other things, war, strike, disruptions from telephone and computerized communication systems, or force majeure, will not be considered a violation of this policy, and will not receive any relief and/or privileges and/or compensation for breach of contract. 

7.10 Organizers of the sale, the controller, as well as their assistants, employees, managers, families, and their children’s families. are forbidden to partake in the raffle.

7.13 The campaign is subject to the regulations, which are available for inspection at the raffle organizer’s offices, 14-16 Jerusalem Street, Bnei Brak.


  1. The prize is an elegant Sefer Torah written by a sofer or by several sofrim who have a certification from a certifying agency.
  2. The klaf for the Sefer Torah will be purchased by the organization in stores that have a kosher certification.
  3. The winner of the Sefer Torah will be able to choose the type of k’sav, in which the Sefer Torah will be written, from the following types of k’sav: Beis Yosef, Ari, or Sephardi. Any questions will be brought to Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein, Shlita
  4. The Sefer Torah will include the atzei chaim and mantle. It does not include a crown, yad, or anything else. 
  5. The date for the Hachnosas Sefer Torah will be determined by the organization. A photo of the winner as well as of the Hachnosas Sefer Torah itself and publication of these photographs and videos in any media you choose are basic conditions for winning.
  6. The winner of the raffle will participate in writing the final letter along with gedolim in Eretz Yisroel. The date for the k’sivas ha’osios will be determined by the organization. The visit to the gedolim will be determined by the options available at the time. A photo of the winner as well as of the Hachnosas Sefer Torah itself and publication of these photographs and videos in any media you choose are basic conditions for winning.
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