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40 years ago, the Gedolim established Emanuel as a new Torah city in the heart of Eretz Yisrael. Emanuel’s mission has always been to offer Jewish families a place to enjoy a quiet life totally infused with Torah values. From humble beginnings, Emanuel has developed into a major community and is now welcoming hundreds of new families every year. Emanuel’s leaders have started construction on a large new Torah Center to serve the needs of this young and growing community. With your help, Emanuel can continue to champion Jewish values and offer more religious families a warm home in a Torah city.

In memory of the revered Tzadik whose sefarim are learned throughout Klal Yisrael, theNesivos Shalom (Rabbi Shalom Noach Berezovsky ztz”l of Slonim) who played a vital role in the founding of the City of Emanuel.

Features of the Nesivos Shalom Torah Center

Batei knesios where prayers are held throughout the day.

A large Bet Midrash available to the community 24/7.

The Bet Hora’ah staffed of qualified rabbanim to provide support to the community and provide clarity on halachic questions.

A vast Otzar Sefarim and a spacious study hall with a wide-ranging library supplemented by a comprehensive digital library, open and protected for all residents all hours of the day and night (though the digital library is closed on Shabbos).

Study rooms and a lecture hall for men and women.

A meeting hall in hosting the Kiddush on Shabbos morning and Seudas Shlishis on Shabbos afternoons.

A “chessed” kitchen which can cater family simchas at a reduced cost.

A volunteer-operated event hall that can provide a low-cost option for hosting family simchas.

Rabbi Moshe Zinger

About Our Founder

Rabbi Moshe Zinger initiated and established Keren Yedidei Emanuel – Friends of Emanuel – after two severe terror attacks that took place in Emanuel during 2001-2002 (5762). Zinger, who had come to live in Emanuel a few years earlier after the Nesivos Shalom called on families to settle there, realized that it was time to act.

The first initiative was to establish a core of young families to settle in Emanuel. The son and successor of the dynasty of Nesivos Shalom saw the settlement as his father’s will and encouraged the young families to hold on to the core of the settlement with all their might. Rabbi Shmuel Schwartzman, one of the members of the core, joined the organization’s activities.

Today, Rabbi Zinger and Rabbi Schwartzman are actively developing the city of Emanuel, building hundreds of apartments for the city’s newcomers. Their latest project is to build a large and magnificent Torah center that is fitting for a developing city. All proceeds of The Grand Sefer Torah Experience raffle will support this undertaking.

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