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The Grand Sefer Torah
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win your very own Sefer Torah!

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Congratulations to the Raffle Winner Rabbi Yonah & Shira Lazar Norfolk, Virginia
In honor of this new extended deadline, all purchases until Sunday, August 28th will automatically get an additional ticket into the raffle absolutely free!
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How it Works

Purchase a ticket to enter the raffle & support the Torah Community of Emanuel Israel.
Win your very own Sefer Torah!
Win a trip to Eretz Yisroel and visit leaders of Klal Yisroel, each of whom will write a letter in the Sefer Torah.
Celebrate a grand Hachnosas Sefer Torah! Dance and sing with your newly completed Sefer Torah!
*Sefer Torah can be placed at any location

 of the winner’s choosing

An $82,500 value!

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About The Campaign

40 years ago, the Gedolim established Emanuel as a new Torah city in the heart of Eretz Yisrael. Emanuel’s mission has always been to offer Jewish families a place to enjoy a quiet life totally infused with Torah values. From humble beginnings, Emanuel has developed into a major community and is now welcoming hundreds of new families every year. Emanuel’s leaders have started construction on a large new Torah Center to serve the needs of this young and growing community. With your help, Emanuel can continue to champion Jewish values and offer more religious families a warm home in a Torah city.
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Join Emanuel’s mission by contributing to this city’s historic growth. Each ticket purchase is an investment into a vision of a world revolving totally around Torah and Mitzvos.

Enter to Win
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